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The Birth of the Vision

Human trafficking is the most widespread crime of the 21st Century. Commercial sexual exploitation generates $9.5 billion yearly in the United States and $32 billion worldwide. There are approximately 300,000 children being prostituted in the United States alone. The average age of entry into prostitution for a child victim in the United States is 11-13 years of age.  A pimp can make $150,000-$200,000 per child each year and the average pimp has 4 to 6 girls. Less than 1% of the victims of human trafficking ever enter into an effective restoration program.

The Worldteam Foundation was founded in 2008 under TEAM Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, with an explicit goal of forging partnerships to fight human trafficking. Worldteam has developed a plan for the SoCal Restoration Center (SCRC) that has two key components: a restoration-counseling center and a vocational training program.

Our strategy is teamwork. We collaborate with donors and partners, civic leaders in Azusa, Azusa Pacific University, area Christian professionals, churches, non-profit and social work organizations, and consulting services.

The Worldteam Foundation is seeking to raise $49,700 in order to establish the Traffick Free Azusa project in the city of Azusa. Thus far, we have worked with 5 survivors. Our goal is to restore 20 victims of sexual slavery in the next few years. 

Our Primary Population

The primary population served by the SCRC is approximately 100,000 young women and girls who are victims of sexual slavery and exploitation that live in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Our Immediate Goals

To enlarge our sphere: We began in Glendora and have expanded the services of the SCRC to our new offices in Azusa.

Add new staff members: We are thrilled to have Gaby Ruano join our part-time staff as the Development Coordinator of Traffick Free Cities. 

Expand our programs: We are determined to meet the psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual needs of victims of human trafficking.

The long-term goal of the WORLDTEAM Foundation is to reproduce innovative restorative programs like Traffick Free Cities throughout the United States as well as internationally.